Urban Prospects SL (UP) was founded in May 2015 by a group of professionals and companies with a common interest in technological innovation around the analysis of urban problems and the design solutions process under new global challenges. Our motivation responds to the perception of a growing need to integrate/renew the urban planning discipline in engineering through the use of the most innovative techniques to devise and project the "City of the Future". We research urban planning in cities. We encourage the transfer of best observed practices elsewhere and we are commited to sustainable development of urban and territorial system, as well to the improvement of public services for citizens. Our technical competence is recognized by our clients.



Urban System. Urban Planning and multimodal transport planning. Gentrification and Displacement Studies. Urban Corridor Planning. Complete Streets. Transit Oriented Developments (TOD)


Territorial System. Territory strategical planning and inter-urban transport planning, Sustainable tourism. Local and sectorial planning.


Urban Design. Landscaping, Walkable city, Tourist Developments and Subtropical Urbanism.


Transport Engineering. Transport Modelling, Demand and revenues studies, Traffic Impact Assessment, Access management, Traffic engineering and Road Safety.


Sustainable Mobility. Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, Pedestrian microsimulation, Crowd management, Wayfinding Systems, Signage systems.



Viability. Previous studies, market research, profitability studies, economic and financial studies, Risk assessment.


Environmental Impact. Territorial Impact Studies, Air quality, Noise, Gis analysis, viewewrs web mapping.


Projects. Urbanization, construction, rehabilitation, transport infrastructure, multimodal transport systems.


Institutional Management and Coordination. Urbanism, Transportation and Mobility. Audit Traffic Study. Audit of economic-financial models.


Analytics. Big Data exploitation for urban and transport planning.


R+D+i. Urban sustainability and technological innovation for transport.



C/ Zurbano, 34, 1ºDcha

28010 MADRID

Tel.: +34 917819060

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